Connecting You With the Other Side

Embarking on your spiritual journey may not always seem like an easy task, however it is my hope that this site will assist you in discovering your purpose and your passion for this lifetime.

This site is for all of you that are exploring, developing, and fulfilling your life purpose and will provide you with helpful information and tools to share that light that you are and that you bring to others in your mission as a Lightworker.

It is my sincere hope that you find the necessary information and tools to further enhance your skills and knowledge as a Lightworker so that you may share and guide others on their paths and why we are all here.

Love, Light, and Many Angel Blessings!

Jamie Faith Spinelli, RMT, BSN-RN
Angel Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Evidential Medium
Registered Nurse in Oncology, Medical Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Spiritual Healer-Teacher, Chakra Therapist

I’m Baaack!!!!!

It has been some time since I have last connected with many of you, but I am excited to announce that I have re-connected with my family over at 12Listen!!!  I have been doing a lot of work personally and professionally over the past several years and during that time, I have been feeling the pull toward expanding my reach of services to others who may be further away geographically speaking.

During my time at 12Listen, I was able to connect with many souls all over the world and it brought me tremendous joy to feel the different cultures and energies and this was something that had been missing from my life.  Not to mention the fact that I was able to work side-by-side with a number of talented and unique individuals who were able to bring compassion and love to each of you with their service.

What have I been up to since I have been away you may be wondering?  Well, I have been embarking on my nursing career specifically in the field of Oncology and Bone Marrow transplant.  I had begun in the Adult population and now have settled in with the Pediatric population and cannot tell you how much joy these little warriors bring me each and every day.  I have found that my nursing profession has broadened my experience and awareness in the areas and topics of grief, healing, medicine, love, compassion, and more— all of which have enhanced my spiritual practice and all of which I hope to impart in each of my readings with YOU!

So, please come on over and join me, Advisor #42245, and the other wonderful talents at 12Listen for your spiritual needs as I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!!!!

Sessions are offered in several ways including per-minute, time-Based (i.e. 20 minute, 40 minute, 60 minute), email, and even through chat!  You can schedule your sessions ahead of time, set up a “call back request” or just log on and go to an advisor for an “on the spot” reading!

2015-2016 Schedule Coming Soon!!!

Please remember that classes are small to preserve the intimacy and comfort of the students so early registration is encouraged!

Psychic Protection with your Angels and Crystals
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Reiki I Certification
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Divination for the Spiritual Practitioner
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Reiki II Certification
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Divining the Chakras
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Angel Healing – Advanced Work with the Angels
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

“Ologies” with your Angels
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Reiki III/Master-Teacher  Certification
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Please visit the Upcoming Events link for more details and to sign up before they get filled!

“Love is so far-reaching that it transcends death. I think that we experience life after life to learn about love and see it manifest in different ways in different circumstances.” ~ James Van Praagh