Connecting You With the Other Side

Embarking on your spiritual journey may not always seem like an easy task, however it is my hope that this site will assist you in discovering your purpose and your passion for this lifetime.

This site is for all of you that are exploring, developing, and fulfilling your life purpose and will provide you with helpful information and tools to share that light that you are and that you bring to others in your mission as a Lightworker.

It is my sincere hope that you find the necessary information and tools to further enhance your skills and knowledge as a Lightworker so that you may share and guide others on their paths and why we are all here.

Love, Light, and Many Angel Blessings!

Jamie Faith Spinelli, RMT, BSN-RN
Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Spiritual Evidential Medium
Registered Oncology Nurse, Medical Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Spiritual Healer-Teacher, Chakra Therapist

Now offering Arbonne (Spiritual Healing for the Physical Body)- NEW

I have been getting a tremendous amount of both guidance from Spirit as well as customers to branch my business out and not only address spiritual, mental, and emotional challenges we all face as we move through our daily lives but challenges we face in terms of care for our physical bodies.  After all, it IS the vessel we are using to maneuver through this life with.

As part of my Spiritual practice, I have decided to become add being a consultant with a company called Arbonne. This company has been around for 33 years and is a health and wellness company that offers superior nutrition and skin care products. All of their products are gluten free, vegan and free of artificial dyes and fragrances.

With this specific piece of my business, I will be offering free individual consultations where I can formulate a plan specific to your nutrition or skin care needs. There are weight loss products, nutrition products such as protein shakes, vitamins, supplements, probiotics etc. as well as skin care and cosmetics.  The only true cost to you in setting up an individual consultation is your time!

I am so excited to join my spiritual business to the health and wellness arena because I feel that in order to move forward in life we should all be healthy within our mind, body and soul. It would mean the world to me if you took some time to listen to this 9 minute overview of Arbonne (the link can be found below).

My friend and coach, Aileen Beyer, is helping me get acclimated to all of the products and she is the person that is on the recording below. After you listen to this information, if you feel that there is something I can do to help you on your journey to living a healthier life, please contact me directly and I can work with you on a plan that is specific to your needs and those of your family!!

As always, I appreciate all of your support and thank you for taking the time to hear more about my new journey!!

Please click on this link to listen to this call from your computer or smart phone:
This is the number to dial into the recording if you don’t have a smart phone or computer:
access code 958399# #

Spiritual Business Mentorship Service – NEW

I have been asked numerous times over the years if I offer any services that assist with building a business, tips for a successful spiritual path, people asking for me to share my personal journey and inspire them to take their own leaps of faith.  While these are all things I could address in a lecture or seminar or even in Angel Healing sessions, I have been guided to offer One-on-One Mentorship sessions.

These sessions will hold a different energy to them than a typical Angel Healing session in that they will be tailored to your specific business concerns from marketing to how to handle specific client issues, and more.  While I will still bring in the Angels for the guidance, the sessions will tend to lean more on the practical and sometimes very “left-brained” aspect of the Spiritual life.

Typically, they may be needed once a month if you are just getting up and started or perhaps bi-weekly depending on how  quickly you are moving forward.  They can even be a great service for those that are already in an established spiritual business that they feel is stagnant or needing a jumpstart!

Sessions will generally run a half-hour in length and can be scheduled similar to how any other session is scheduled.  The cost for a half hour would be $50 and I will be at your mercy (lol) so-to-speak so you can tap my brain and we can work together for your specific vision and needs for a successful venture!  I will be adding these to my Services link on the website shortly OR you can click HERE to schedule your session now.

I am very excited to share my insight, client stories to learn from, and more so that you can help us shift the energy for so many other!

2014 Spring Schedule Updated!!!

Please remember that classes are small to preserve the intimacy and comfort of the students so early registration is encouraged!

Psychic Protection with your Angels and Crystals – January 14th
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Reiki I Certification – January 18th
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Divination for the Spiritual Practitioner – February 4th
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Reiki II Certification – February 15th
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Divining the Chakras – February 16th
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Angel Healing – Advanced Work with the Angels – March 1st
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

“Ologies” with your Angels – March 11th
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Reiki III/Master-Teacher  Certification – March 22
(Pittsgrove, NJ)

Please visit the Upcoming Events link for more details and to sign up before they get filled!

Phone and Email Sessions

I wanted to remind you to take advantage of “remote” sessions which are a great way to take advantage of a reading  Sessions include Angel Healing, Mediumship, Chakra Reading, Chakra Healing/Cleansing/Balancing, Spiritual Coaching and Mentorship, and more. “Remote” sessions are offered via Phone and email…. and now Skype!

The benefits of “remote” sessions vary from experiencing angelic guidance from the comfort of your own home, saving money and stress from travel, and even having a keepsake reading through the option of an email session.  ”Remote” sessions are equally effective and clear and to be honest sometimes more so since you are in your own environment and element.

You may purchase a remote session directly from my Services link or email me at to schedule a session or make payment arrangements!

“Love is so far-reaching that it transcends death. I think that we experience life after life to learn about love and see it manifest in different ways in different circumstances.” ~ James Van Praagh