About Jamie Faith

Jamie Faith Spinelli is an Angel Healer and Spiritual Evidential Medium.  In addition to that she holds a BSN and is a Registered Nurse in Oncology, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Professional Spiritual Teacher, Chakra Therapist, and Lecturer.

Jamie owns her own practice, The Ancient Healing Center, LLC and conducts Angel Healing Sessions, private and group Mediumship sessions as well as a host of workshops and certifications.  She also offers remote/phone sessions exclusively with 12Listen.com Advisor #42245 and email readings for most of her services.

She has spent the past several years searching for answers about the unknown, life after death, and spirituality prompted by the tragic loss of her father in 2004.

She has always had the gift of clairvoyance and mediumship from a very young age but shut it down for many years as a result of childhood challenges.  The illness and death of her father pushed her to open back up as a way to not only heal from her own pain but be able to utilize her gifts to be of service to others that are grieving or even just searching for answers and the knowledge that we are truly not alone.  She had begun to attend numerous spiritual workshops and seminars which led her to a feeling of both inner peace and a awareness of her very important life mission…to help others.

Prior to embarking on her current path, she attended college at Thomas Edison State College and obtained her Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management and worked in a variety of Fortune 500 Corporations as a leader in Human Resources.  Most recently she has completed a second Bachelor Degree in Nursing from Drexel University and formerly was an Oncology Nurse on a Bone Marrow Transplant floor at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, an Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant RN at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, was most recently a Bone Marrow Transplant RN at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, and has now transitioned into the role of Nurse Navigator for those Oncology Patients diagnosed with Lung, Sarcoma, and Head & Neck Cancers at a Number One Comprehensive Cancer Institution in the Pennsylvania Region.

Her main purpose this lifetime is to work with the angels, guides, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, and other energies to help facilitate healing, empowerment, and peace for those that come to her.