Angels are very special and loving beings that are with us through all of our daily activities, events, challenges, successes, and more.  Angels are essentially a gift from God.  When we call on the assistance of the angels, we are not “praying” to them but simply asking them for assistance, support, and guidance.  There is no need to feel that you are replacing God by asking them for assistance.    Even more than that, angels are non-denominational.  One critical point of information is that because of the law of “free will”, angels cannot assist us without our asking them unless there is life-endangering situation whereby we are going to be taking off of this plane before our time.  In such an instance, they can intervene without our permission (i.e. saving us from a car crash, etc.)

There are two different classifications of angels: Archangels and Guardian Angels but Spirit Guides also need to be mentioned as they sometimes are confused with Guardian Angels.  Each classification serves its own purpose.  Archangels and Guardian Angels are entirely different than Spirit Guides.

Archangels – There are 15 main angels that essentially are the leaders of all other angels.  You can call upon the Archangels any time you need immediate assistance.  Angels are omnipresent.  Simply put, they have no time or space restrictions and can be with everyone at all times simultaneously. This means that you do not have to worry that you are taking an angel away from helping someone else as angels can be with many people simultaneously.

Another important aspect of angels is that they are androgynous in nature.  Simply put, they have no gender as they represent both the female and male energies that serve to balance every soul.  Despite the fact that they do not have genders, some angels tend to have more male energy or more female energy based on the purpose that they serve or represent.

Archangels are special in that they never have lived on the earthly plane as a human with the exception of Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Metatron.  Both are represented in the Old Testament of the Bible as Elijah and Enoch, and because of the commendable and honorable life they lived on earth, God honored them by making them Archangels.  All of them can essentially assist with all functions and issues but they have specializations.  For example, Archangel Michael specializes in protection.

Archangels are also associated with crystals, colors, and chakras.  You can find this information on the other links.

Guardian Angels – Like the Archangels, guardian angels have never walked on the earthly plane in human form.  Everyone has at least two guardian angel with them at all times.  This angel stays with you from birth until that time in which you transition back to heaven. The love of a guardian angel is unconditional and timeless.  They will never abandon you or turn their back on you.

Spirit Guides – Spirit guides are often confused with guardian angels but they are in fact different.  Spirit guides have lived on the earthly plane at some point.  They also are there to protect you, guide you, support you, and comfort you.  Spirit guides are typically deceased relatives such as parents, grandparents, great grandparents, friends and more.  Spirit guides can at times function as a guardian angel in the event that you are facing a life-endangering event.