What are Chakras?

Everyone has energy centers or focal points within their bodies that function to monitor and move energy both within them and around them.  This energy is also known as the Universal Life Force, or commonly known as “Chi”.  Chakras are these energy centers and if one were to look at them, they would appear as disks or wheels along our spines.  They are also represented many times but various colored Lotus Flowers.

Although a person has many of them, there are seven main ones that begin at the top of the head and run down the spine to our base.  Each Chakra is associated with a Location, Main Issue, Color, Crystal, Oil, and Symptoms (Emotional/Physical).  Chakras are often used to determine why someone has a particular medical, emotional, or mental issue.

Can people see Chakras?

Chakras are in a sense invisible to the naked eye, however some people have reported being able to see them with their naked eye, cameras and other forms of technology, and the mind’s eye.  Some people have reportedly been able to “feel” them.

What is the Aura?

Auras are the energy fields that surround every living thing.  Each person and object has a vibrational energy surrounding them although some vibrate at higher or lower frequencies than others.  Auras are similar to a fingerprint in that no two auras are alike.  They are oval in shape and average about six feet in height.  If you have ever felt someone come upon you without seeing them first, felt the hair standing up on the back of your neck, or sensed someone before seeing them, you have experienced the auric field that surrounds you.


There are many times where our Chakras can become unbalanced or “dirty”.  When this occurs, it is said that a chakra is too open, blocked, spinning too fast, or spinning too slow.  When one Chakra becomes unbalanced or “dirty” it throws the whole system off as the other Chakras try to compensate for the deficient one.  Most often, this occurs as a result of an emotional problem.