The services provided here are aimed at assisting you in obtaining guidance, answers to questions, and building a foundation for fulfilling your life purpose. For more information on any of the services, feel free to contact me by email at

To schedule an appointment for an in person session you may reach me by email at  For all phone sessions, you can reach me exclusively at Advisor #42245 and if I am “Not Available” we can schedule an appointment for a later time or if I am showing as “Available” we can have an on the spot session.

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All sales for classes and sessions are final although barring Mother Nature, should a class or session need to get cancelled it may be made up, rescheduled, or possibly be provided a credit toward future classes and sessions. This will be determined on a case by case basis.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Angel Healing Sessions

In-person or Remote Sessions

These sessions are aimed at providing you healing of the mind, body, spirit, and emotions as they are geared toward reminding you and getting you in touch with the knowledge and gifts that you already know on a soul level but may have forgotten over lifetimes of incarnations or even just this lifetime having gotten caught up in the thing we call “life”.  These sessions are meant to empower you to move through the challenges and stumbling blocks that you are facing so that you may learn those lessons you contracted to learn prior to incarnating this lifetime in a way that is as peaceful and content as possible for you as a soul.  I will be guided by Spirit, the Archangels, your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides as well as the Ascended Masters to use my intuitive abilities, oracle cards,  and other such metaphysical tools to channel through their messages for you and bring forth  guidance and clarity for you on any issues, blocks, and concerns that you have  going on in your life that may have stemmed from the past or present or may even affect you as you move forward in your path. You can ask specific questions or leave it flexible to whatever needs to come through based on what “they” feel you need to know at this point in your life. Healing modalities such as Reiki may be incorporated into the session depending on the specific needs of the client and the blocks/concerns encountered.

***  If you are looking to connect specifically with deceased loved ones, you will need to schedule a Mediumship session.  Please see below for more information.

Contact me directly for session length and pricing options at

Mediumship Sessions

Private In-Person or Remote Sessions

I will connect with your deceased relatives, friends, and loved ones that are around you. Essentially I will serve as a “telephone” for you in communicating with those energies and bridging the gap between this world and the spirit world. This differs from an Angel Healing Session in that no other healing modalities are incorporated and the emphasis is on the communication with the spirit world.  Like an Angel Healing session, this type of reading is profoundly healing for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.  Evidential proof that our loved ones are only a breath away provides comfort, solace, and reassurance that life does not cease to exist just because our physical bodies are no longer functioning.

Contact me directly for session length and pricing options at

Group Mediumship Session

I will answer all of your questions about life after death as gleaned from me direct connection with the other side as well as the hundreds of clients I have worked with over the past several years with a collective Gallery Mediumship session following.  I will do my best to read everyone, however there is no guarantee depending on who wants to come through and based on the highest good of all involved in the session.  But what is guaranteed is a an understanding of the Mediumship process as well as a fun time!  These are approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours in length and include question and answer time.

Contact me directly for session length and pricing options at

Spiritual Business Mentorship Sessions

Private In-person or Remote Sessions

Are you in the process of thinking about starting you very own spiritual business?  Perhaps you are in the “taking a leap of faith” phase or even already took the jump and now are wondering where to go from here.  There are so many elements to starting a new business especially one in the spiritual field that can be at times overwhelming because of the fact that you are melding the right and left brains (spiritual self and analytical self).

These Mentoring sessions are geared toward help you with your personal goals and situations so that you make become successful in what you do and work with the elements that are being handed to you whether it is finding a niche, finding a successful or creating a successful space, marketing, and more.  Each mentorship session will be different for each person depending on what your goals are and what your spiritual path is.  I, along with the Angels and your Guides will assist you with making your dream become a reality.

Things discussed may include basic marketing and start-up issues, client issues and how to handle them, or even dealing with your own energy and its effect on the business.  The sessions are great for newly starting businesses as well as ones that are already established and maybe feeling stagnant, wanting to change direction, or even just wanting validation.  I will share with you personal experiences as well as practical guidance in addition to angelic guidance in these sessions.  You may find you want to have just one, or perhaps once a month, or if you are just starting it may even mean bi-weekly.  It is entirely up to you but I am lending my experience and love of what I do to your endeavors so we may continue to spread as much light as possible.

Contact me directly for session length and pricing options at or visit me at 12Listen for a phone session!

Email Readings

All email readings are offered exclusively through 12Listen and can be purchased by clicking on the Email Services title below for the type of email reading you would like.  You will be taken directly to a link where you may purchase the reading.  I will respond to your purchase within 24-48 hours and your reading will be delivered within 72 hours from the time of purchase.

One-Topic Angel Reading

This type of email reading is designed to look deeply into a specific type of issue or challenge that you may be facing as channeled from the Angels, Ascended Masters and your Guides. I will use a three card spread to look into the energy surrounding the past, current, and near future as it relates to your question.

Three-Topic Angel Reading

Do you have a couple of different areas in your life that you want to get quick and concise guidance on from your Angels? This is the perfect type of reading for precisely that. For three topics or general questions, you will receive guidance as obtained from the angels with the use of cards, pendulums, and channeling so as to help you move forward and create the life that you want as easily as possible.

Angelic Calendar Reading

In this type of reading, you will receive a general sense of what themes and challenges you will face over the course of the coming year. I will pull a card for each of the next months for the coming year and with the help of the Angels bring forward any guidance you may need to know to help you face whatever experiences may unfold for you with ease.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing Reading

In this unique type of healing session/reading you can expect for me to schedule a mutually acceptable time for your Angels and myself to look into your energy and scan, “diagnose”, and cleanse your chakras. I will, in conjunction with the Angels, scan your chakras to pinpoint any areas if any are in need of balancing and cleansing. From there, I will channel what the Angels are saying for those particular chakras as well as any other insight that my come through. Finally, I will with the use of Reiki and other forms of healing, thoroughly cleanse and balance your chakras.

Energy Healing Sessions and Workshops

Reiki Workshops

See below for offerings and contact me to arrange a workshop:

Level 1 Certification ($200) Level 2 Certification ($250) Level 3/Master Level Certification ($350)
You will learn:
History of Reiki
Reiki Principles & Ethics
Introduction to Chakras & Human Energy field
Instruction for giving a full Reiki treatment
You will learn:
Introduction to Reiki Symbols
Intuition and Reiki
Absentee/remote Reiki
You will learn:
Additional energy healing techniques
Additional Reiki Symbols
Giving an attunement
You will Receive:
A full Reiki Treatment
An Attunement to Reiki Energy
Reiki Manual
Reiki Level I certificate upon completion
You will Receive:
A full Reiki Treatment
An Attunement to Reiki Energy
Reiki II Manual
Reiki Level II certificate upon completion
You will Receive:
A full Reiki Treatment
An Attunement to Reiki Energy
Reiki III Manual
Reiki Level III certificate upon completion

*** Private sessions are available for an additional $25.

To register for a current workshop or request one, please click here to email me.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing with the Angels

Everyone has many main points of energies within their bodies and while Reiki focuses on some of these energy areas, every now and then your 7 major chakras can use a little clearing and balancing. Chakras form a connection between the physical and energetic body and based on this important connection, I recommend regular clearing and balancing of the chakras.  For more information on Chakras, you can visit our Chakra link. Some effects of your chakras being unbalanced and blocked may include emotional, physical, and mental stress as it relates to each chakra. Sessions usually last around 20 – 30 minutes for the energy work portion and then about 30 minutes for the follow-up consultation.  The entire session is from 45minutes to an hour in total.

Contact me directly for scheduling options at or visit me at 12Listen for a distance session!

The Ancient Healing Center Gift Certificate

Now you can give the gift of any one of our services or products to a loved one!  It is simple. You can purchase The Ancient Healing Center gift certificates in any increment of your choosing made out to whomever you would like.

You would simply click here to email me with the increment amount and recipient name. Make a secure payment for the entire amount via PayPal and then tell me where you would like to have your gift certificate mailed to. Once your payment clears, the certificate gets shipped out.

This gift is perfect for any special occasion, event, holiday, and more!

All Services’ Prices are subject to change. All Sales are Final.  No Refunds will be given for sessions or classes booked and paid for but clients will be granted credit toward future classes and/or sessions that are more spiritually timed for the highest good of all.

DISCLAIMER – The services and information provided above are for entertainment purposes only. The Ancient Healing Center’s services and products are not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional disorder/disease, nor are they meant to replace the advice of a medical professional or doctor. The Ancient Healing Center will not be responsible for any reactions, adverse effects, or misuse of its advice and/or products, as they are merely tools and guidance that the client chooses to use or not use of his or her own free will.