“From the minute we met Jamie, we felt a sense of rightness.  While in her session, both my husband and I felt no pain.  We felt surrounded by a calm and loving peace.  My session with Jamie released the negative energy stuck inside of me since my mom died so many years ago.  Jamie was able to connect with my parents from the minute the session began and it was so easy to recognize them.  It was an incredible feeling knowing they were together and happy.  I’ve felt so much better since my session with Jamie, not only because of the connection with my parents, but when you meet Jamie you feel all the goodness she has within her heart and soul.” – Julia B.

“I cannot express enough my gratitude to [Jamie]. We had very little conversation before she began to tell me about the future of my situation, and every aspect that she touched on was exactly right. She knew that I worked with interior design without me even telling her. She knew that I needed to get back to jogging along the beach. Her demeanor was gracious and caring. She told me which Angels to work with to help my situation along. I waited a very long time to connect with this advisor, and the wait was well worth the outcome. I will definitely call her again as my situation develops. I send my sincere thanks.” – JW

“That was really amazing! The energy, love, clarity, and detail that came out of this reading was so helpful and inspiring! I now know I have tremendous support in my corner. Thanks for your amazing help”. – KS

“[Jamie] was one of the most accurate readings I have ever had. I will be calling on her again, and giving her many referrals.” -SC

“Jamie was an absolute delight to speak with. She is so personable and warm, I felt that I was talking with one of my closest girlfriends. Her information was insightful and provided in a positive manner which reinforced my own feelings. It was a lovely experience.” – SH

“I called Jamie to see if there was something my angels wanted to let me know or remind me…and low and behold she instantly picked up on an emotional situation and what I needed to do to get past it….reminding me of a few things that have already helped lift my energy… I definitely felt uplifted and encouraged after talking with Jamie…Very sweet energy…very comforting to talk to!!!” – LJ

“Thank you so much for the reading Wednesday night.  Everyone was very satisfied and amazed with your information.  After discussions, many things that you said to “file away for future reference” were matched with past events and/or those who had crossed over.  Even though I did not participate, just hearing what you had to say has given me a different perspective, a more peaceful perspective.  Thank you.” – JB (regarding a Group Mediumship)

“Thank you so much for the reading!!!!  It helped me out a lot.  Now I know what I need to do without feeling guilty about it.  God has blessed you with a wonderful gift.  I know I also have some of these gifts and with the angels and God I can tap into it a bit more.” – LH

“Thank you again for yesterday’s reading.  You amazingly hit on many points and more importantly for me, a doubter I admit, you clarified everything I have been told and found hard to truly believe/trust….” – CG

“She is incredible! My dad came through to the T…..almost made me cry. It was a great reading.” – LD

“So much of what came thru you tonight made so much sense. there was a great deal of validation in what i was feeling and it was confirmed by what you were getting in the reading tonight. it was a great reading, i found it very helpful!!!!” – KB

“I just want to thank you for tonight. You touched all of us and gave us peace. Especially my friend who lost her child. Your gift, your ability to receive Zack’s spirit lifted hers.” – DA (regarding a Group Mediumship)


“I just wanted to email a thank you for the wonderful reading you did for us.  My husband has always been very close with his family and now feels a reconnection. He said it was a great feeling to be able to communicate with the loved ones who has crossed over.” – R & W

“Thanks for the fabulous reading last night!!! :) It was everything I had hoped for and more! You are so easy to talk to.” – LW

“A very positive and uplifting experience. I feel a great deal better after speaking with her. Thank you! :) ” – KC

“Wow! Thank you. That was exactly what I needed. So supportive and positive and left me feeling so much better. You are amazing.” – SW

“Angel Jamie, Thank you, you were amazing with your guidance and so professional, warm and loving. I feel very positive after that you were so tuned in and helped to give me so much clarity !!” – LJ from New Zealand

“I would like to tell everyone about the wonderful experience I have had working with Jamie. I just had a follow-up with her after following the guidance that she gave me just three weeks ago. She immediately remembered my situation and without any prompting from me, knew the present status of my situation, and quickly gave me advice from my Angels to further it along. Jamie is such a wonderful, gracious woman who guides with great enthusiasm and love. You will have no doubt she is touched by Angels!!!!!” – LG

“Again I must thank you for your guidance. You and the Angels are always right on and never steer me in the wrong direction. I will be in contact with you again I am sure. Thanks again.” – PH